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The working principle of oxygen sensor

2019/07/20 12:12
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Automobile oxygen sensor is the key feedback sensor in the control system of electronic injection engine, and it is the key part to control automobile exhaust emission, reduce automobile pollution to the environment and improve the fuel combustion quality of automobile engine.

The oxygen sensor works like a battery, with zirconia acting like an electrolyte.Its basic working principle is: under certain conditions (high temperature and platinum catalysis), the use of oxidation inside and outside the two sides of the oxygen concentration difference, the potential difference, and the greater the concentration difference, the greater the potential difference.Oxygen content in the atmosphere is 21%, concentrated mixed combustion exhaust gas actually does not contain oxygen, dilute mixed combustion exhaust gas or due to lack of fire exhaust gas contains more oxygen, but still much less than oxygen in the atmosphere.

Under the catalysis of high temperature and platinum, the oxygen attached to the oxygen sensor is used up, resulting in voltage difference, the output voltage of the concentrated mixture is close to 1V, and the output voltage of the dilute mixture is close to 0V.According to the oxygen sensor voltage signal, the air fuel ratio is controlled to adjust the injection pulse width, so the oxygen sensor electronically controls the key sensor of fuel metering.Oxygen sensor only at high temperature (end reaches more than 300℃) from the characteristics can be fully reflected, can output voltage.It responds most rapidly to the mixture at about 800℃.